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Portfolio Anna Araujo

From the land of the poet Cora Coralina, Goiás - Brazil, Anna finds great inspiration in her poems. According to the artist, “Just like Cora, I have been renewing my life, removing stones and planting rose bushes in my soul at each stage. I was reborn as an artist on March 3, 1969, in Goiânia, and I will continue through immortal times dedicating myself to colors and sounds.” She has been an art teacher since she was 21, after graduating in Artistic Education (1990) and in 1998 completing a Specialization in Visual Arts, both from UFG.


During the 90s and early 2000s, she held solo exhibitions in Goiânia and Uberlândia, participating in regional Art Salons and several collective exhibitions in Goiás, Distrito Federal and São Paulo. She became a Master's (2002) and PhD in Arts (2012) at USP. In 2004, she joined the Faculty of Education at UFG as a public professor. The following years were dedicated to teaching the arts and volunteering with spiritual music, producing and performing shows, arrangements, and compositions in Brazil and abroad.


However, in September 2019, she redesigned her path and moved to the United States with her husband. Since then, she has dedicated her time to creativity studies and pictorial production in acrylic, watercolor, and digital media. Its current phase reflects the recovery of its memories and roots in an autobiographical process filled with colors and figurations that follow the paths of playfulness and fantasy with a strong influence from modernist painters. Just like “Aninha da Ponte” (Cora Coralina), Anna Araujo has been making a lot of sweets with paints, and she is starting over.


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